Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with our CSR policy, Three Q Perms & Temps are dedicated to helping people improve their professional opportunities through a number of free initiatives. We are passionate about people and believe that giving back to our local community is important.

We use these three pillars to guide our CSR:

Corporate Social Responsibility for unemployed
Corporate Social Responsibility for Jobseekers

Our CSR policy aims to help people under Three Pillars. These pillars are the unemployed, Job Seekers and organisations we work with. Under this policy we aim to promote employment, improve skills and support charities. We do this through promotion, fundraising and representation.

Three Q PERMS & TEMPS are passionate about people.

Three Q’s CSR activities:

Jobcare is part of our CSR programme


Three Q Perms & Temps have been in partnership since 2009 with JobCare. Our staff support candidates and unemployed people by giving time every month to perform mock interviews and follow ups.

The Alzheimer Cafe is part of our CSR charter


We support our chosen charities through volunteering initiatives, corporate donations and fundraisers such as the Alzheimer’s Cafe (which we attend every month) and Temple Street Children’s Hospital.


Spare an Hour Campaign

Three Q Perms & Temps encourages staff involvements and allocates time spent on CSR activities within office hours. This is the office team handing over the cheque to Dublin Simon in December 2017 after our Spare an Hour fundraising campaign.

Three Q CSR events

Industry Events

Three Q Perm and Temps supports Industry Events. For example, we attended the IHI Jobs which are specifically aimed at people on the live register and focused on the catering industry. Our management team and recruiters attend networking events such as NRF & JobCare.

Nurse jobs Ireland via 3Q recruitment agency

Nurse Jobs Ireland

Our sister company features a charity every month on their website as part of our CSR policy which our staff has input in.

Our CSR programme includes recycling

Go Green

Three Q Perms & Temps practice a number of green business activities, because of this we continue to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. We try to reduce our paper usage and encourage both paper and mobile phone recycling.


Celebrate Nurses

We successfully launched our Celebrate Nurses campaign in support of international nurses week back in 2012, which has since turned into a nationwide campaign #celebratenurses. Read our eBook of appreciation from patients here :