Trust us to help you build your career

Trust Us To Help Build Your Career

When you apply for a position with Three Q, you know that you can trust us to help build your career. Three Q cares not just that you get your dream job, but that you continue to love it and are happy in your career. At Three Q we believe that it’s the people that work for us that make Three Q such a great recruitment agency, so we work extra hard to make sure that you build your career and have the opportunity to move up the career ladder when you work for us.

Three Q is passionate about the people that we work for and with, which is why we dedicate ourselves to educating our staff, whether they PERM’s and TEMP’s. We provide education and training, and help you with anything that you need to make sure that you’re happy in your job. Most recruitment agencies just find you a job, here at Three Q, we help you find your perfect position, but also follow up to see how you are doing in the position. Did you know that not one TEMP employed by Three Q (for a minimum of 3 months) left their job without being up-skilled in the role? #TeamThreeQ is not just a social media campaign, we care about each and every one of our staff so that you know you can trust us to help you build your career.

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Even our own Senior Temp Consultant has benefited from the training that we provide- she started her career as an agency chef with Three Q and has been constantly learning and progressing right through the ranks since then. The same can be said for our HR Coordinator, who started with us as a Jobsbridge Intern just five years ago! Our Medical Recruiter Clare was promoted to Senior Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Coordinator for her love of all things digital and her passion for teamwork. No matter what your position in Three Q, as part of our personal care programme, there is always an opportunity to move up through the ranks and gain training and qualifications while you work with us.


One of our favorite career stories is from back when we were still a smaller recruitment agency. Robert is one of the many candidates that trusted Three Q to help build his career. In 1999, Robert registered with our small agency, having heard about us from a Chef in a pub (there were no big marketing campaigns in 1999, it was all about word of mouth!). Robert could have gone to a bigger more established agency but he liked Gerry (One of our founders and Chef Bookers) and he trusted him, knowing that Three Q would get him the daytime hours that he longed for and great contracts. Robert worked with us as a TEMP for almost two years until he got headhunted by a HSE Hospital that loved his work and secured himself a permanent position. Within 5 years he got promoted to Head Chef.

Robert’s Catering Officer could see his potential and when Robert showed an interestin management, she supported his return to college part-time while he worked. We at Three Q kept in touch with Robert, and saw him progress to Head Chef to Catering Supervisor and then another move to head up a Catering in another Hospital. Last year a Catering Officer retired from one of the major hospitals in Dublin, where we also supply staff. Robert is now the Head Of Catering and our point of contact for all TEMP staff provision. Although 19 years have passed, we stayed in touch with Robert throughout his career and he continues to using our services, knowing that he can trust us to provide the best staff in the same way he trusted us to help him build his career. We are Robert’s preferred staff supplier, because he knows that we commit ourselves to quality, and go the extra mile to make sure that we are building careers, not just filling job vacancies.


So there you have it, Robert trusted us to help build his career and get great contacts and experience within the industry- and now he trusts us to supply staff to him! If you enjoyed reading Robert’s career story, why not trust us to help you build your career? Check out our latest job listings to jump start your career today!