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Three Q Personal Care Programme

You know that Three Q is a great recruitment agency, but did you know that we also have a Three Q Personal care Programme? Three Q cares not just that you get your dream job, but that you continue to love it and are happy in your career. At Three Q we believe that it’s the people that work for us that make Three Q such a great recruitment agency.

Three Q really cares about the people that we work for and with, which is why we dedicate ourselves to educating our staff, whether they PERM’s and TEMP’s, helping to provide education and training, and helping them with anything that they need to make sure that they are happy in their job. Most recruitment agencies simply find you a job, here at Three Q, we help you find your perfect position, but also follow up to make sure that you are happy in the job that you have. Did you know that not one TEMP employed by Three Q (for a minimum of 3 months) left their job without being up-skilled in the role? #TeamThreeQ is not just a social media campaign, we care about each and every one of our staff.

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Even our own Senior Temp Consultant has benefited from the training that we provide- she started her career as an agency chef with Three Q and has been constantly learning and progressing right through the ranks since then. The same can be said for our HR Coordinator, who started with us as a Jobsbridge Intern just five years ago! Our Medical Recruiter Clare was promoted to Senior Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Coordinator for her love of all things digital and her passion for teamwork. No matter what your position in Three Q, as part of our personal care programme, there is always an opportunity to move up through the ranks and gain training and qualifications while you work with us.

Our Personal Care Programme isn’t just about work, Three Q believe that your career isn’t just about office hours. We strive to make sure that our TEMPs and PERMs are looked after.

Every year Three Q Perms & Temps encourages staff involvements and allocates time spent on CSR activities within office hours. The Spare an Hour Campaign where our team volunteers one hour of their wages to a charity that is decided through a vote among the team. Our TEMP consultants inform our TEMP staff too of this charity and they were fantastic last year and volunteered hours of their wages to charity. The charity democratically selected by our team was the Dublin Simon Community which worked to support the homeless. The team raised over €1,167. Three Q then matched that donation to bring our total donation to €2334.40 for the Dublin Simon Community. The office team handed over the cheque to Dublin Simon in December 2017 after our Spare an Hour fundraising campaign.

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Another example of our Spare An Hour Campaign is one very close to our hearts. When one of TEMP’s daughter battled leukemia, our TEMPs got together, and through the Spare An Hour Campaign, donated €1,000 to her from their wages, and Three Q matched the donation.

We also have an Employee of The Month and Year Award which shows how much we value our staff, to thank them for everything they do. Henry M was a great Three Q chef, who died suddenly was loved by all at Team Three Q, so we named the award after him, and it’s been going strong for over sixteen years!

This is just a small portion of what we do for our staff as part of the Three Q Personal Care Programme. If working for a company who truly look after and value their staff interests you, take a look at our listings today to see the great PERM and TEMP positions that we have for you.