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The Role of a Food and Beverage Manager

Food and Beverage Manager is a job title that you may often see on job listings but what does it mean?  Here at Three Q we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes matching Food and Beverage Managers with their perfect employer. So if you’re curious as to what the role requires and what a Food and Manager does on a day-to-day basis, read on.

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What does a Food & Beverage Manager do?

A Food and & Beverage Manager (B & F Manager) is basically the person who purchases and manages the stock for a Hospitality or Food Business. They also manage the finances for the whole process of purchasing food and drink for a hotel premises. Purchasing includes sourcing, ordering and transporting of the products.   Sometimes the Food and Beverage Manager who is working in a hotel environment (and sometimes restaurants) may oversee the running of the restaurant and will be in charge of the staff in the restaurant.

What are a Food & Beverage Manager’s Responsibilities?

The Food & Beverage Manager is a role with plenty of responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include a lot of financial tasks such as purchasing, stock control, storage control, goods receiving, budgeting and financial reports. The Food and Beverage Manager will occasionally be required to design and update menus for restaurants. Relationships are very important. They work closely with the chef and assist with menu planning and setting the cost of menus. They are also required to conduct duties such as recruiting, hiring, training, evaluating and terminating staff. A good knowledge of HR is required. As well as this Food and Beverage Managers are responsible for the upkeep in the level of customer service carried out by the food and beverage related staff.

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The Food & Beverage Manager reports to the Financial Manager or the General Manager. They may or may not have staff under them but if they do manage staff they are likely to be the Goods Receiving Manager, or an assistant, and is often in charge of the food and beverage staff (waiters and waitresses etc) in the restaurant itself.  It is beneficial for a Food & Beverage Manager to have a hospitality diploma and experience in similar positions in the hospitality field when applying for jobs as it will give them a huge benefit when employers are considering who to hire.

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What are the skills required to become a Food and Beverage Manager?

Skills required by a Food and & Beverage Manager include having good communication skills including both verbal and written. They must be proactive, have good budgeting skills, be able to get along with colleagues and work in a team. They should enjoy problem solving and have a good understanding of inventory management systems and strong leadership skills.

Job opportunities

A Food & Beverage Manager can work at a hotel, casino, resort, on a cruise ship or at a variety of hospitality properties – wherever food and drinks are served, you’ll find a Food and & Beverage Manager!

If becoming a Food and Beverage Manager interests you or if you are currently a Food and Beverage Manager looking for a new position keep an eye on our listings that we are constantly updating with new job opportunities in the industry. If you are an employer and are wishing to advertise your job in our listings, please email or phone +353 1878 3335.