The Importance of Checking the Salary When Applying for Jobs

It’s usually considered taboo but the importance of of checking the salary when applying for jobs is a hugely underrated check point.  We say,  of course you should check the salary before committing your time.  However, for some inexplicable reason, the convention is typically not to raise the topic until the interviewer does, or at least until you’re further along in the process.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t do it  earlier. While some employers will be completely fine with it, others will be a little weird about it, because you’re taking the timeline for raising it out of their hands (God forbid!) and they see themselves as the ones controlling the process.  So read on for our suggestions on how to raise the thorny subject the masterful way.
the importance of checking the salary when applying for jobs

Top tips for asking about the salary in the interview process:

1)      Decide that you’re willing to risk putting them off because it’s important enough to you to know up-front. In this case, you’d say something like this:  “I hope you don’t mind me asking at this stage, but because it’s difficult for me to take time off work to interview, is it possible to give me a sense of the salary range so that we can make sure we’re in the same ballpark before we move forward?

2)      Decide that you’re not willing to risk putting them off and that you’ll invest the time in finding out more about the employer and the job, even though there’s a chance that you’ll be too far apart on salary. After all, if the salary ends up not being right, you still might have made useful contacts and could be considered for other jobs there in the future.

3)      A third path is to do your own research on what similar positions in your industry and geographic area typically pay, and simply assume that they’re going to be in that range. (You’ve hopefully done this type of research already and are basing your expectations on it anyway, right?)

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