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Ten reasons to be a Chef in Dublin

Ten reasons to be a chef in Dublin include the fact that with its rich culinary culture and diverse community, Dublin is quickly becoming one of the best places to work as a chef.  Here at Three Q, we’re so passionate about the cause that we’ve put together our top ten reasons why you should take a serious think about becoming a chef in Dublin.

1. There is a serious shortage of chefs in Ireland.

Believe it or not, despite people talking about the shortage of jobs in Ireland, in the case of chefs, it’s the opposite.  Restaurant owners across Ireland have made claims that there is a serious crisis in the shortage of trained chefs across the country– particularly Dublin.  In some cases undertrained staff are taking on the role as employers cant find qualified candidates, resulting in a faster turnover of these ‘chefs’ in restaurants.  In 2015 the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) stated that around 5,000 chefs would be required each year by the year 2020 to meet the demand. With such a shortage of chefs, it’s safe to say that trained chefs are being warmly welcomed in the food industry in Dublin.


2. Your Culinary School is probably already located near Dublin.


If you’ve just graduated from culinary school, the chances are that you’re already located near Dublin already. With colleges such as DIT School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology already within the city -and other culinary colleges in cities across the country-  you probably already love city life- and is there really any other city in Ireland, such as Dublin to live your dream and build a career? 

3. The language of food


If your native language isn’t English, but you’ve got a basic grasp, adequate training and a passion for food, Dublin is the place for you. It’s a city where you can be immersed within the culture, hone in on your skills and further your English speaking skills. And with Dublin being a city with such a diverse culture, your knowledge and passion for cuisine will be greatly welcomed. 

why you should be a chef in dublin by three q recruitment for catering

4. Meeting new people from across the globe.


On that topic, Dublin has a huge tourist trade, meaning no matter where you’re working as a chef, be it a traditional Irish food restaurant, or a Sushi bar, you’re going to meet some great new people. Dublin is a city where the natives are friendly and the tourists come from all over the world.  They appreciate our food and culture, so no matter where you’re working as a chef, if it’s in Dublin – you’re going to a hugely diverse group of people and make lifelong connections. 

5. There’s a huge sense of camaraderie amongst chefs in Dublin


There’s no denying that the food industry can be a tough place to work, especially as a chef, but there’s a huge support network amongst chefs, especially those in Dublin. Working in a kitchen is all about teamwork, and although it can be hard when things go pear shaped, chefing in Dublin there is always someone to ask advice, talk to, or laugh about it later on.  Working as a chef can be hard, but in Dublin, the people are famously friendly, and you’ll find that you’ll easily make friends within not just your kitchen, but a network of chefs across the city who are all as passionate about food as you are. 

6. Local, fresh produce.


Ireland as a country is famous world wide for our home grown produce, and in Dublin you’ll find it all in your kitchen. Ireland as a whole is becoming more and more aware of the importance of eating fresh food, locally produced where possible. Many restaurants have based their ethos on ingredients sourced only miles away. As a chef in Dublin you will be working with some of the best quality produce in the world- which guarantees great flavour from your cooking. 

fresh produce 10 reasons why you should be a chef in ireland

7. Release your Creativity.


With all of that amazing produce we talked about earlier, you’re going to be able to get so creative with it all. Dublin is a place where fresh food is celebrated, it’s right beside the sea so access to fresh quality fish is fantastic.  Even changes in season are going to inspire you to try new things with different produce. This also gives you an opportunity to learn new skills on the job, the possibilities for creativity and learning are unlimited working as a chef in Dublin.  If you love being a pastry chef, click here.  

8. It’s possible to move up the ranks.


Although in some countries it  can be difficult to move up the ranks, in Dublin, it’s a different story. A place open to opportunities and learning, being a chef in Dublin will allow you to move up the ranks. And even if it’s stardom that you’re searching for, Dublin is the place to be. With a huge increase in ‘celebrity chefs’ there are television studios such as RTE and TV3 at your doorstep.

9. Passion is valued  in Dublin.

Becoming a chef is difficult, and your years of training to create the best food is not for the faint hearted. However, Dublin is the place where you will see your passion being appreciated. Restaurant owners looking for chefs want chefs that believe in what they are doing,  show constant hunger to keep improving, learning and cooking food that makes the customer come back time and time again. Dublin loves food, and knows that becoming a chef is a vocation. True talent is what shines through and you’ll be happy too that the customer values your passion for amazing food and what you do.

10. Dublin as cultural city loves food.


There’s no doubt about it, Dublin is the city to be if you love culture. There are plenty of places to visit on your days off, and as a food lover, even more to eat at.  You love food, and Dublin loves it too.  Ask any Irish person and they will tell you: our days revolve around eating, and we love the best of food and the best of produce, and Dublin is no different.  As a chef in Dublin you will receive huge satisfaction knowing that your food is truly being enjoyed.  Contact us to help you find the chef job of your dreams or if you are a restaurant looking for top staff, let us find your dream chef.