How Do You Get Work Experience When You Don’t Have Enough?

Do You have less than the Required Work Experience to Start Working in your desired Industry?

If you’re starting out in your career, the first difficulty and arguably the hardest is actually starting! Most of us know of the job search catch 22 that has become a meme – you apply for a job to get experience, but you don’t have the experience to get the job. So how do you get the experience?




Fortunately, you have some options:


Graduate Roles

Graduate roles are the choice of many graduates coming out of college.  The benefits are clear – you get to go straight into paid work with a career path already forged. Big companies generally provide full training programs for the grads they take on every year which sees them spend time in different departments over the course of the year. Often the sacrifice college graduates make is choosing a career that they did not intend to pursue when they selected their college course. Many will go into an accounting graduate role after graduating in a different field.



This is often the best bet for young people to break into an industry that requires experience. There are a few variables to consider as they come in all types and sized. Questions to consider are – Is it paid or unpaid? Is it full time or part time? How long is the internship?  This can be a great way to gain experience and may lead to a permanent role at the end of it.


Work Placement During College

For some courses, this is non-negotiable. Placements are mandatory for many college courses so that the students gain the necessary experience to start their career upon graduation. Students in nursing do many work placements throughout their degree. In other courses, students are sometimes offered the option of doing a work placement for a semester, studying abroad or continuing their studies in their home college. Choosing the work placement option will stand you in good stead when you come out of college.



Get Transferable Skills

This could be seen as taking the long route towards the job you want. If your CV lacks any type of work experience and an internship or work placement sounds unattractive to you, you can open up the possibilities and apply for a wider range of posiitions that have less strict work experience requirements. Although it may not be in the field that you would like to be working in, this can give you working experience that future employers will still like to see and transferable skills that will help you with your future roles. Furthermore, you could save while working this job so that you can afford to take another option such as an internship.


These are some of the options that will help you gain that first bit of experience that is stopping you in your tracks from making that difficult transition into the industry you want to enter. When a lack of work experience is your weakness, you will need to write your CV in a way that minimises this fault and makes the most of your other strengths. You can read our blog on how to design and write your CV when you have little work experience here:



Ciara’s Internship Journey


My Internship Journey

What I Expected

Before I took up an internship position at Three Q I was undertaking my M.A in Human Resource Management. I had just finished my exams when I was hired at Three Q as a HR & Candidate Rescourcer Intern. I initially decided to take up an intern position as I was still completing my Masters thesis.

Going into Three Q I did not know what to expect at first. However, everyone was extremely welcoming, helpful and kind.

What I Received

Before starting my role at Three Q I knew there would be training provided, which was a major reason I chose the position. However, the level of training and support that I received and continue to receive at Three Q exceeds all expectations. Being someone of a shy disposition, this really allowed me to develop and spread my wings.

I received a scheduled daily training plan that lasted 6 weeks. Then I shadowed experienced recruiters and was given one-on-one in depth training on all our computer applications & systems. I was shown areas such as;

  • LinkedIn
  • Data protection
  • How to screen
  • Reference check
  • and perform other essential recruitment activities.

Cora and Suzanne offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, always there to offer support to every member of staff regardless of position.

It is this kind of hard working, sincere and supportive company culture that sets Three Q apart from others in its field. It is this positive internal symbiotic relationship between all the employees at Three Q that makes it a positively uplifting and educational place to work.

Going Forward

My experience at Three Q has been one of growth and I am now thoroughly enjoying the hussle and bussle of a busy recruitment workplace.

After my internship at Three Q I hope to further pursue a career in HR.


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Meadhbh’s Internship Journey


My Internship Journey So Far

I’m Meadhbh and I began my internship journey with Three Q 3 months ago to begin my career in Recruitment. I wanted to get into the field after working with a recruitment agency in Thailand, where I lived for two years teaching English.

I love working with people. All of my prior experience in some way dealt with interacting with and helping others, so I was really excited to start working in this area.

Over the last few months, I have learned so much from all of the Team at Three Q recruitment. I genuinely do not think that a bigger organization would foster growth with such attention to detail and care. For this I am extremely grateful for the chance to learn and grow with such a great small, but mighty company!


Recruitment is experiencing a huge surge and it seems that there are an unprecedented number of agencies in Dublin. Many are setting up again after the economic downturn made a lot of businesses redundant.

Three Q recently celebrated its 18th Birthday. This shows me that the company is resilient, and strived through the hard times back to the good. All without ever compromising on quality. Where others began cutting on quality they stood their ground. We never compromise on ANY of our P’s and Q’s!

Giving Back Is Important

Volunteering is something that is very important to me and an aspect I looked out for when choosing an organization with which to work.

Three Q genuinely wish to give back and always have and will where they can. As a team, we recently nominated a charity to get behind and donate an hour of our wages to that charity. This is such an important part of a business and one that every company should be involved in.

There are so many worthy charities out there and for me I love knowing that the company I work with, is a company that cares.

Find yourself a company that shares your values. I found one that shares mine, and there’s something about a shared vision that motivates me everyday in my job.




Lorraine’s Story – Internship with Three Q

Have you thought of doing an internship with Three Q?  If you are a mature student or want to change career an internship is the perfect way to gain experience.

have you thought about doing an internship with Three Q

This is Lorraine’s story.

My Internship with Three Q has been a really positive and valuable experience.  As a mature person looking to change career direction, it can be a daunting journey.  I needed real hands on experience in an office environment.  Three Q treat their Interns as a vital part of their team, and with that I received second to none In-house training, and personal development.

I started with Three Q on a 6 month Internship, 2 months in management saw potential in me, and that was the start of my career progression.  I progressed in to our Temp division as a Chef Consultant, and developed a skill set which I have found invaluable.  On completion of my Internship I was delighted to accept a fulltime contract with the company, and I am now upskilling and developing a career in our Human Resources division.

Coming on with Three Q you will get back what you give. If you have a can do attitude and are looking to get real hands on experience in a fast paced environment learning skills that will be invaluable in your career development, you will find that with Three Q Temps.

If you are interested in working for Three Q as an intern, please click here