Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Moving Jobs three q recruitment agency dublin

Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Moving Jobs

Moving for a job is by no means a small decision, and there are plenty of questions to ask yourself when considering moving jobs. If not just for your own peace of mind and knowing what’s right for you and what you want, but also if your current employer comes to you with a counter offer, you’ll know what the right decision is. Here at Three Q, we’re celebrating our 19th year in business this September, so we know that moving jobs isn’t just about more money, it’s also about your job satisfaction and work-life balance.

So, before you pack your bags and uproot your entire life, it’s important to give some serious consideration to whether or not moving jobs is the best thing for you. Of course, there are always going to be both logical and emotional factors at play in your decision-making process, which can make identifying the best way forward more difficult.

Team Three Q know this, so to help you, we’ve pulled together a few thought-provoking questions for you to help you think through your options and determine whether you should stay in your current job or switch to a new employer.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Moving Jobs three q recruitment agency dublin

1. “What are the pros and cons of relocating if I need to?”

This is probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself. If you take time to really ask yourself this question and make a written list of the pros and cons, it can offer some much-needed clarity about whether or not a move is a good next step for you.

Find some quiet time after work, and sit down with a notepad and jot down all of the different benefits and drawbacks that come along with relocating and moving for your job. A pro could be that you are excited about exploring a new city, and that area is a one of the big locations for your industry. A con could be that you’re also dreading moving away from your friends and family. Also take into account that if you’re moving location, the place that you are moving to could have a much higher cost of living than you’re used to.

Getting the positives and negatives into separate columns might not always clearly illuminate your final choice. However, it will help you give the decision the thorough consideration it deserves.

2. “What can I gain from my new position?”

When you’re considering moving for a specific job, it has be a role that you’re excited about. Think through some of the different aspects of that position that really appeal to you. You also need to consider what you can gain from the new position. Is it that you will have a higher salary, or is it that this is your dream position, or that your new job could provide a better work-life balance than you already have

3.“Is this a lifestyle choice?”

You also need to consider whether the lifestyle of the new position will be a good fit for you. Does this job allow you more time to pursue your interests outside work? Maybe the new company has an office gym or sports facilities that would also you a better lifestyle? But you’ll also need to consider if you can afford a new lifestyle. While that offered salary might seem like a big step up, it’s important that you compare it with the average cost of living in your prospective new city if you are thinking of relocating. Will your rent also almost triple? Are issues such as parking or public transportation to your new job going to affect your income?  

Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Moving Jobs three q recruitment agency dublin

4. “What about my current commitments?”

There’s no way around it, sometimes when moving jobs, you’ll have to relocate. You will need to consider what current commitments you will be leaving behind. Making a move for employment is a big transition. Will you be leaving your family or a partner behind? For those who are thrilled with new opportunities and uncertainty, it’s exciting. But for creatures of habit who thrive in their normal routines? A move for work can feel overwhelming.

Take some time to reflect on your previous experiences and how you’ve coped with big changes in the past. Is a sizable shift exciting to you? Or is it a cause for major anxiety?

You need to be able to assess yourself realistically, if you have to relocate for a new position, are you going to miss your family and friends? Is your partner going to come with you? Will you be able to cope with all these new changes with the support system that you are leaving behind?

7. “What is the path for advancement within your new job?”

This is a question that you really need to consider if you are looking to work your way up the career ladder. In the long-term, you also want to consider what your future could look like as an employee with this company. Is there room for growth and a clear path for advancement? Or is this a role you would work for a year or two before deciding it was time to move on to something else? You should also think about which one out of your potential new job or current job offers the most opportunities for career progression.

So there you go, these are just a few questions to ask yourself when considering moving jobs, but the are some of the most important ones. Still looking for a new job? Take a look at our job listings here. Have an interview coming up for a new job? Take a look at our blogs on soft skills that candidates should have and CV Checklist.