preparing for your first job as a nurse in dublin with three q

Preparing For Your First Job As A Nurse In Dublin

Preparing for your first job as a nurse can be daunting . Here at Three Q, we’ve been helping newly qualified nurses to get their first job for years, so we know just how nervous of a time it can be. Although it may seem scary, with team Three Q, you’re in safe hands, and you’re sure to get off to a great start. If you’ve just graduated from your nursing course and are about to start your first shift as a nurse, you should be feeling equal parts excitement and nervousness. The best way to combat your anxiety while your waiting to begin your first job is to prepare for success. Here at Three Q, we’ve put together our list of the most important things to remember as you begin your new job as a nurse in Dublin.

preparing for your first job as a nurse in dublin with three q recruitment

Buy Supportive Shoes.

There are a few things that you will definitely need to have as a nurse, and there is no better time to get them ready than when you are waiting for your new job to start. The first thing you’ll need to get is some supportive shoes. You will spend much of your shift on your feet, and you’ll also be logging many miles between patients as well as running to the lab, the supply cabinet or the pharmacy. Look for shoes that offer strong arch support and a roomy toe box, in addition to heels that don’t pinch or slip and a no-slip sole. If you’re starting an IV, drawing blood or dealing with other bodily fluids, consider wearing disposable scrub booties over any shoes that can’t be fully washed. Also, be sure to check your new employer’s dress code before making any major footwear purchases.

Buy Comfortable Scrubs

Many healthcare employers are moving away from supplying nurses’ scrubs, so be prepared to purchase your own. You want to find the perfect mix of comfort, durability and fit when you shop for scrubs – fortunately, there are many attractive prints and cuts. 100 percent cotton will be more comfortable, but do expect them to shrink a bit. Look for scrub features too like pockets for any algorithm cards that you may have and buttons or zippers. If you’ll be working in a cold environment, like some labs and operating rooms, look for coordinating jackets or thermals for underneath.

Be teachable.

If you have just graduated from your nursing degree, the chances are that you’re already capable of learning new things everyday. Our top tip in this regard is to never let that willingness to learn fade. As a nurse, you will have to learn on the job everyday from the people around you. Absorb the lessons that more experienced nurses will share with you- they are full of tips that you will never have been taught in an academic setting. Remember that you are working in a science based care industry: there are going to be new technologies everyday, so you must be willing to learn about them for the benefit of your patients.

Look and listen.

Being aware of your surroundings will be really helpful in your nursing career. Take time in your first week to observe the unit that you are working in. Try to listen to how the team communicates so that you can pick up on their lives easier by adapting to it faster. Watch how the team works together and adjust how you work and communicate accordingly. Remember, it’s your job to adjust to your surroundings – not the other way around.

Show you’re reliable.

It can be daunting on your first job as a nurse to gain the respect and trust of the team that you are joining, who have been there longer than you. The best way to prove you can be trusted is to show up on time. As much as you can, show up at least ten or twenty minutes early to get a start on the day and have everything running smoothly before your shift even starts.  Review patient charts ahead of your shift and ask for feedback from your preceptor. Taking the initiative will go a long way towards demonstrating you the right person for the job, and it’ll make your life easier too when you’re organised and prepared for work on each shift.

Humor yourself.

In the right context, humor can be an excellent way to ease your patient’s nerves. Find humor wherever you can. Of course, be respectful and never be rude to anyone around you, but being chatty and taking the patient’s thoughts away from their uncomfort will definitely help them to have a better experience in hospital. Remember that your job is as much emotional support of the patient as well as physical. Being there for them to make them laugh or smile is just as important as relieving their pain. A great nurse has both theory skills, and and social skills too.

Be a team player.

This tip doesn’t need much explaining. Try and offer to help before being asked. Lend yourself to your fellow nurses. When you’ve finished your list of jobs, ask someone else if they need help to do something. You’ll quickly gain the trust and respect of your coworkers.

Give it time.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed as a new nurse. Nursing school can only prepare you for so much. Take the hardships in your stride and try to adapt and grow. This is the first step in what should be a long and meaningful career, so give yourself time to get acclimated. Just graduated and are looking for your first nursing job? Take a look at our listings that are updated with new job opportunities every day or take a look at our job interview tips for nurses