What is The Gold Standard in Temping?

Three Q TEMPS is an agency that is committed to supplying the The Gold Standard in Catering and Hospitality Temps to clients such as hospitals, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, care in the community facilities, corporate and industrial facilities, community organisations, event caterers, charities, the 3rd sector etc. Founded in 1999, we are an Irish owned company whose ambition is to be the best supplier in catering and hospitality Temps. To achieve this we are focused on quality, innovation and open communication with our clients via our consistent feedback loop. This includes spot checks, site visits and Temp review forms.

Introduction to the Gold Standard in Temping and our Three Q TEMPS Team

“Providing the Gold Standard in Temping means Providing the Best Quality Temps with the Best Quality Service”

Our team is 100% committed to recruiting and providing quality experienced Temps to our clients that match the quality of your teams. We strive to deliver this Gold Standard by partnering with our clients, our Temps and front line management teams, to ensure the Temps supplied mirror and match the internal team standards by being inducted and trained into our client systems, standards and procedures. We take a hands-on approach, that is personalised and quality driven, to ensure we deliver consistently to our gold standard. Our clients trust us to come up with specific temping solutions that are right for them.

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