Get Back to Enjoying the Basic Things in Life

Get Back to Enjoying the Basic Things in Life

Do you ever feel that the harder the work, the more stressed and less happier life can be sometimes? Trying to figure out what a good lifestyle is and how to achieve it can leave most of us searching for it, without actually achieving it. Have we become so consumed by the modern life, that we have forgotten that the simple things really do give us the most pleasure and a sense of real satisfaction. Have we replaced one bad habit for another, only to realise it too late, when we are burnt-out. Are we missing out on enjoying the basic common sense activities, which can fulfil our need to connect more, or striving to accomplish too much into our daily routines?

When was the last time that free-time offered an opportunity to walk carefree in a tree lined woods, balmy air beach or provided a chance to invite a friend over for a long lunch, that flowed with good honest conversation and a belly of laughter that left tears running down your cheeks?

Modern living has rapidly moved into a state of frenzy, leaving us to question where our time went and what are we really achieving. One example that comes to mind, the trendy fashion accessory smart phones, the must have gadget, which are now viewed as an extension of our hand. While they have many benefits, including connecting us to family and friends, especially those living away from home, they also seem to have replaced the personal connection of meeting with people. Couple this with the ever increasing use of online technology, namely social media, and a whirlwind of personal disconnection has emanated into our lives. The act of sending a hand-written letter to loved ones has almost become obsolete.

Think about it and compare corresponding by phone and in person. The connection of actually meeting with family and friends really leaves us with a sense of personal touch and truer connection. What if we left our phones at home when we go out for a walk, for a breath of fresh air in the country side or beach? What if we turned our phones on silent when family and friends called over to visit, while resisting the urge to look at it during their visit? Isn’t it time to cherish these and many more simple joys in life, which can reward us with deeper pleasure than technology or money could ever do?

Being aware of unhealthy distractions is the first step in reclaiming our life and valuable time. It can also reduce any feelings of anxiety and stress levels. Creating healthy boundaries is the next step, and it is a powerful choice to changing to a new way of being for the better, and restoring the soul. It doesn’t mean that we have to stop using phones or technology, as they do have many benefits. It simply means striking a balance and creating an opportunity to really connect with life and nature, which can contribute to more positive mental health.

Sometimes, we just need to realise that we need to slow down. We can’t keep demanding of ourselves to move at a fast pace all the time. Just as mother-earth requires farmers to rest their land one out of every seven years, we too need to rest at different paces during our lives.

Give it a try sometime. Enjoy the simple things in life. Get back to slowing down and living a good life. Share any success stories with family and friends, over a good cuppa or long lunch. This might be their inspiration to enjoy the simple things and breathe in life once again.

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