Experience of a Fertility Nurse

Quite often, when one thinks about changing career or looking to get a similar position in the same industry, we think about the responsibilities involved and if our interests, skills and personality are well suited for it. We are focused on the task of gauging if we would like that job more than the one we currently hold.

It’s common for nurses to move into different units in the hospital. Staying in healthcare and for many, the same hospital means little has to be left to the imagination regarding the tasks they’ll be asked to do, the people they’ll be working with and the environment they’ll be working in. Knowing a lot about a job change like this means you can focus on other variables that are just as important – does the position involve shift work, the salary, the qualifications required.

A nurse I was speaking to was a midwife when she decided she wanted to become a Fertility nurse. Later, she reverted back to midwifery. I asked her a few questions about her experience:

I asked her why she moved into fertility nursing from midwifery. She enjoyed midwifery and she took this as a good indication that she would enjoy being a fertility nurse. The deciding difference was a preferred work schedule in fertility nursing. It allowed her to work shifts. Keeping many factors constant, in her instance the industry,  place of work and the area of work – pregnancy remained unchanged and this allowed her to make a decisione based on practicality.

Advice for a nurse moving into fertility nursing: Do your research on fertility nursing. Learn what training is necessary and learn what is involved in working as a fertility nursing.

Is training necessary to become a Fertility nurse?
Becoming a fertility nurse involves taking on more training. She told me you have to do an ultrasound course which isn’t required to become a midwife.

Why did she go back to midwifery?
Fertility nursing turned out to be different in some ways that didn’t appeal to her. The position was described as ‘very medical’ and required less interaction and relationship building with patients than in her role in midwifery. This was the difference that made all the difference.

It can be hard to know if another position in a different area is for you even with a lot of information related experience. Getting a strong understanding of the work you’re getting into will certainly make it easier. As the nurse I spoke to said, nurses should really think about why they want to move into another field.

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