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A Day In The Life Of A Temp Consultant

Here at Three Q, our Temps consultants work hard to make sure that our Temps get matched with the right job for them, we’ve put together a day in the life of a temp consultant to show you just how much our staff do for our clients.

Temp consultants find candidates on behalf of client companies to fill temporary job positions. Day to day tasks of Temp consultants include attracting people to apply for jobs and guiding them through the application process,  placing advertisements, giving interviews and matching candidates to the appropriate roles for them.

At Three Q, our Temp consultant’s are the vital link between candidates and clients. Our Temp consultants build real relationships with clients, and we keep in touch over the phone and in writing.

They are also required to attract candidates by using a wide range of media like Facebook and LinkedIn. They screen candidates, interview them and select suitable candidates to put forward to client companies. Our Temp consultants work hard on finalising arrangements between client and candidate, so that the client receives the standard of work that comes with a Three Q Temp, and so that the candidate is happy in the role.

There is no set day for a Temp consultant, mornings are filled with reading emails from the evening before, writing a to-do list for the day. Sometimes a candidate call with some queries about a job interview that they will be attending that day. When all the team are ready, they meet to come up with a plan of action for the day and make sure we are all of the team are on the same page. Sometimes a team member may be ill and not able to work, so the consultant will have to make sure that their workload is covered. After the meeting, they will write any adverts for new roles that came up in the morning. After this, the search starts for suitable candidates. Sometimes the role is suitable for someone we already have on call, so a message will be sent to the the candidate. Other times, the search may take longer to find the perfect candidate.

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This is just quiet day for the Temp Consultant’s. Here in Three Q our Temps consultants completed TTT and now deliver food courses, elder care abuse prevention programmes as well as plenty of other of other training to our Temps before they even get to the workplace. We believe that everyday is a learning day and we want all of the candidates and team that work with us to learn and grow. Not one TEMP worker who has worked for Three Q (for a minimum of 3 months) left without being upskilled in the areas of induction, health and safety, patient and customer care and manual handling. While this is great for our candidates, it means that our Temp Consultants are run off their feet with providing training during the week!

Travel can be a regular feature of the working day, as well as the morning commute to our office,  sometimes travelling to meet clients. Although office hours are Monday to Friday there are occasional additional hours.

Although our Temp consultants train candidates, a lot of their own training is learned on the job. Working as a Temp Consultant is a fast paced job, meaning you must be capable of learning on the job all the time.  

The most important job of a Temp Consultant of course, is that they ensure that the Temp Staff we supply, mirror the standards of the clients own staff. We are able to do this because Three Q PERMS and TEMPS has nearly 20 years experience supplying Quality Temp Staff to clients. We understand that it is crucial that our clients trust us to deliver reliable, experienced and committed temporary staff. A clients’ reputation is of extreme importance to Three Q and we strive to provide a quality service. Do you need temp staff? Call us today on  01 878-3335 or email temps@3qrecruitment.ie