Corona Virus TEMPS

Returning to Work or Visiting the Office

This page is for Three Q Office Staff and Visitors and contains Three Q’s Web Based Covid-19 Induction Programme and links to the Verification Form. If you are Returning to Work or if you are visiting Three Q offices, please complete the Induction. Once you have completed this, please fill in the COVID-19 Verification Form by clicking the button at the end of the page. This must be completed 3 days before your return to work or your appointment with Three Q.

COVID-19 Induction Programme:

Owing to the evolving nature of COVID-19 and possible changes to working practices, health advice and testing and treatment protocols, this information will be monitored and changed on an ongoing basis. For the latest updates and advice, go to: or .

COVID-19 Verification Questionnaire

Once you have completed the Induction Programme, please click the button and fill in the COVID-19 Verification Questionnaire.