Street Thank You Collage Celebrate Nurses

Celebrate Nurses – Thanking Ireland’s Nurses


Three Q has officially Celebrated Nurses with our campaign since 2012. Our approach has changed over the years but the mission has always been the same:


To show nurses how much we, the Irish public appreciate them for the important work they do every day.


History of Celebrate Nurses

Over the years, we have done a ton of different things to give the Irish people the opportunity to express their thanks to nurses in Ireland. Here are some of those:


  • We ran social media campaigns making #celebratenurses trend on Twitter on International Nurses Day.


  • We collaborated with local schools to allow children to show their appreciation through artworks and paintings of nurses & hospitals.


  • We went out to the streets of Dublin City Centre to ask the public to show their appreciation. We received videos, voice messages, photos and written messages of personal thanks.



Street Thank You Collage Celebrate Nurses



Why Do We Do It?


A ‘Thank You’ goes a long way. Showing some appreciation can make your day and who is more worthy of appreciation than nurses?



“Being told you’re appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting things you can hear”



The people of Ireland, are really grateful for our nurses and we help them by providing a channel of communication to our country’s nurses. 


Celebrate Nurses 2019


Every year, we collect messages of thanks on our dedicated website –

This year we received 58 messages of appreciation for the important work nurses do everyday. We make short e-books out of the messages we receive and they’re available on the Celebrate Nurses website where anyone can download and read them.


We also integrated a campaign partnership with a number of hospitals this year by creating ‘Celebration Partners’.  Celebration Partners are hospitals that joined us in our campaign during International Nurses Week May 5th – 12th.  We sent out pink Celebrate Nurses balloons and stickers to support their celebrations. We also sent out Celebrate Nurses journals to be left on hospital desks for patients, nurses and other workers to jot down their messages of thanks.  

Celebrate Nurses Celebration Partner Pack



We’d really appreciate it if you could celebrate nurses with us by leaving a message of thanks for nurses here at:


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