Summer Hamper Draw

Here at Three Q Perms & Temps we are running a competition for NMBI registered nurses based in Ireland. This Luxury hamper is packed full of some fabulous wines, cheeses, and chocolates. To be in with your chance to win all you have to do is send your Nursing CV to . Anyone who submits their CV before the 30th of July will automatically be entered into the competition.

Terms & Conditions:

  • NMBI Registered Nurse
  • Currently living in Ireland
  • Actively seeking new employment and willing to be contacted
  • Entry cut of point 30th July 2021 @ 09:00 am

How We are Supporting Our Customers Through the Pandemic: A front-line Catering TEMPS Agency Story

As a front-line Catering TEMPS Agency that specializes in the provision of Managers, Supervisors, Chefs, Ward Attendants, Domestics, Cleaners and General Porters to hospitals, healthcare services and nursing homes Three Q TEMPS has been working with our clients in every way we can to support them through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below are some of the ways we have adapted our service provision to keep our TEMPS & our clients safe, to keep the supply of Temps as needed fully operational and how we are now working with clients as they and the country take steps to the next phases of Ireland’s fully being economically and socially operational again.

Supporting out customers during a pandemic

Supporting our customers

  • Ensuring Qualified, Vetted & Experienced Hospital Temps are available when needed – Our Temps go on stand-by for emergency cover each morning – Monday through Sunday for identified clients who had and still have patients being cared for who are COVID-19 positive
  • Location Specific TEMPS – these Temps do not work in any other units and remain available to clients when they need them
  • Continuing full office and remote working activities to ensure our service runs smoothly and clients can speak with our Temps Consultants Lisa, Charlotte & Mawia whenever they need – 24/7 on our main phone line 018783335
  • Implementing a range of COVID-19 Health & Safety protocols to ensure no cross contamination from Temps working in different locations and weekly monitoring, questionnaire’s and text campaigns to keep Temps informed of new procedures
  • Supporting the annual #celebratenurses campaign that our sister company Nurse Jobs Ireland runs each year – with a major event on May 12th on International Nurses Day
  • Bringing forward our corporate giving commitment – Our annual support for 3 of our nominated charities was brought forward to quarter two to support them in the crisis they are facing now.  These charities are a homeless outreach service who needing additional funds for take-away meal packaging, a domestic violence agency needing resources to meet additional demands and a hospice care service – all these charities are unable to fund raise to 2019 level for this time of the year due to COVID-19

We are hopeful for the day Ireland can like New Zealand declare that we are COVID-19 free and until that day we will work with our clients with their new working practices and we will continue beyond that date to support our clients in every way we can.


Flexibility in the Type of TEMPS we Supply – A COVID-19 Case Study

Most business have gone through a period of rapid change with COVID-19. Changes in ways of working that would have taken months to implement, have been adopted in weeks. Given that we’re in the business of providing leave and emergency TEMP cover, COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to test and review our ability to support our clients, within this rapidly evolving environment.

As a niche-agency, we pride ourselves in knowing and anticipating our clients’ needs, many of whom, we’ve worked with for over a decade. We’ve seen fairly steady patterns in terms of staffing needs and we had gotten good at recognising and responding to these. As with everything else, the uncertainty and unpredictability that the COVID-19 Pandemic brought with it, our client’s requirements were affected and in turn, so were the services we had to deliver. We saw very quickly that we needed to be highly responsive to changes in the numbers of TEMP Worker’s supplied and we also needed to be highly flexible in the type of TEMPs supplied.

Below is the second of two case studies. This illustrates how we supported our client by expanding the type of temps we provide to meet their changed requirements, owing to COVID-19.

This case study is based on supply to a medium sized Elder Care Facility. It showed that because Three Q TEMPS is a niche hospitality and catering TEMPS agency, we could provide them with the range of temps they required owing to changed circumstances.

They needed a kitchen porter, a catering assistant, a domestic, a chef, a general porter and a cleaner with healthcare experience and they were able to get them all from Three Q.  Daily updates from their team and their ability to work meant Three Q TEMPS went on stand-by in-case the client needed cover.  Our chefs who worked through the whole crisis trained up their relief cover and made themselves available on their mobile even on the days they were not working.

What we are grateful for:

  • The willingness and pride our Temps took in remaining part of the team to ensure service delivery during the pandemic
  • The client’s recognition and gratitude for continuity and responsiveness of Temps to come in to the unit – some times with less than an hour’s notice.
  • The opportunity and ability to safely supply this client for over 15 years. They got to see the full variety of the Temps on our panel – they have their favourites and have already made early bookings for future annual leave cover to ensure they get the same Temps back in.

This case study allows us to illustrate how we were able to be responsive, effective and supply a variety of temp workers to meet our clients’ changing needs. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you with your staffing requirements or if you’d like to book catering staff, please call us on 01-878-3335 or email us on .

Temp Workers

Temp Workers

Flexibility in the Volume of Temps Supplied – A COVID-19 Case Study

At a recent online staff quiz, one of the questions we asked was, what the 3 Qs in Three Q Temps Ltd. stood for. I’m happy to report that a number of teams buzzed in to answer. The idea behind the name is that we’re driven by Quality. As we’re a niche agency, supplying TEMP Workers to healthcare facilities, we ensure our TEMP Workers are suitably Qualified. Finally, because our approach to customer care is based on partnership, we support your different staffing needs by providing TEMP Workers in the Quantity you require. We recently got a chance to review our service during the COVID-19 pandemic and we’ve seen that our 3 Qs have been put to the test. We’ve undertaken 2 case studies, the first of which you’ll find below.


This case study is based on supply to a major Dublin Hospital. During the first month of the pandemic, we saw an increased demand from one of our clients for cleaners, domestics, ward attendants and general porters. It showed that we were able to scale up to support the increased requirements of our hospital client, while adapting our process to be safe and compliant with HSE guidelines. Our quality commitment ensured that we provided experienced catering staff, with the right qualifications throughout the emergency.

With the client’s own staff returning to work, we saw an initial drop in demand so we could scale down when needs reduced. However, we’ve seen that COVID-19 effects business and services differently and this effect can evolve quite rapidly given the change in infection rates and health and safety advise. In the case of this client, we saw a spike in demand after the initial reduction but this time it was for leave and emergency cover. We could then re-engage and resupply to meet a second increased demand – all within a period of four weeks.

As a Niche Catering Temps Agency We Are

  • Proud to have safely supplied this client (10 years using Three Q Temps) with front-line temps and our team worked with hospital teams to care for patients in acute & COVID positive wards
  • Grateful for our clients’ trust in our ability to deliver. We’re thankful for the client’s gratitude for continuity and responsiveness of Temps to come in to the unit, which they’ve sometimes done with less than an hour’s notice
  • Thankful for the willingness and pride our TEMP Workers took in remaining part of the team thus ensuring that we could support our clients during the pandemic. These were big numbers for us to deliver with 24 hours’ notice and our TEMP Workers delivered. Despite the pandemic and despite the short notice, they said ‘Yes – we will work!’

This case study allows us to illustrate how we were able to be responsive, effective and support our client’s changing needs.  We continue to look for ways we can help all our clients. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you with your staffing requirements or if you’d like to book catering staff, please call us on 01-878-3335 or email us on

Three Q TEMPS7

Why We Have Requested All Of Our Office Staff and Temp Workers to Maintain a Contact Log

Why We Have Requested All Our Office Staff and Temp Workers to Maintain a Contact Log

As an agency that is privileged and proud to provide essential frontline workers that prepare and serve meals to healthcare staff, patients and service users, we take our responsibility toward our staff, temp workers and the wider community, seriously. We recommend that all our Temp Workers maintain a Contact Log. This is because as essential workers, they are travelling to and from work that often involves offering frontline services within a healthcare setting.


We also recommend that our Office Staff maintain a Contact Log. While we have taken steps to minimise face to face interactions by digitalising processes, maintaining social distancing guidelines, staggering work times and offering staff the option to work from home on certain days to minimise the number of people in the office; commuting into work and hiring on frontline staff can bring them in contact with the virus.



Contact Tracing Policy

To this end, our new Contact Tracing Policy has followed best practice and recommended that all Office Staff and Temp Workers to fill in a Daily Contact Log. We’ve communicated this officially, though our HR portal  and we’ve sent out texts and WhatsApp messages with information that’s accessible and easy to understand.


So why maintain a Contact Log at all? Maintaining a contact log is important because it helps the Health Service Executive (HSE) prevent the spread of COVID-19 by assisting the HSE’s Contact Tracing Team to quickly, efficiently and accurately Identify Close Contacts of people with COVID-19. This is important because the faster they identify Close Contacts, the quicker they can ask them to self-isolate, therefore protecting other family members and the wider community by restricting the spread of the virus.


This way we’re keeping our loved ones safe and we’re supporting the HSE by ensuring that the virus is not spreading. This means that the number of COVID-19 cases are kept under control so that healthcare works and other workers who work in a healthcare setting are not overwhelmed. Keeping the numbers down also helps ensure that the HSE has sufficient resources for people with COVID-19 who do require hospitalisation or Intensive Care.


Video: How to Maintain a Contact Log

So, how do you maintain a contact log? Watch our video on maintaining a contact log here: 


Read more about how to maintain a contact log here with our PDF: How to Distinguish Between a Close Contact and a Casual Contact


Stay Safe!

Three Q Perms & Temps

Three Q Temp Satisfaction Survey Results – Happy Temps are Quality Temps

Happy Temps are Quality Temps

Temp Satisfaction Survey

We ran a Survey with our Temps to get feedback about their experience with Three Q TEMPS. We want to know what our Temps like about Three Q, what we can improve and if we’re doing a good job. Three Q TEMPS has always had Quality at its focus and one of the main ways we identify where we can improve is through receiving feedback and making innovations and adaptations. 20 years of which brought us to where we are today – Providing The Gold Standard in Temping.


With feedback being an essential part of company growth, we want to formally check in with our Temps and ask them how we can improve as well as let us know what we’re doing right. We put people first because people make the business. And without our Temps, the Gold Standard in Temping wouldn’t be possible.


We believe that happy Temps are hard working Temps. Being good to our Team is not just a nice thing to do, we think its important for our business.


In the Infographic below, you can see some of the findings from our Survey:


Temp Satisfaction Survey Three Q

Three Q – We Care about Our Community (and What Our Community Cares about) – CSR

At Three Q, it’s fair to say you get the opportunity to support your community and the causes you care about.


I have worked for Three Q a little over a year as the Marketing Executive. I want to share with you some of the work I’ve personally been involved in supporting our core causes in our CSR strategy.  Three Q’s commitment to our community has lead to regular support for our core partners and annual projects in aid of and in support of causes that help our community.  I’ll briefly illustrate below the work I’ve done to help important charities and organisations all of which has been facilitated and lead by Three Q.

The Alzheimer Café

The Alzheimer Café is a monthly event in Donnybrook’s Avila Centre in which I’ve volunteered at several times in the past year and helped their team with marketing services to raise awareness for the cause. Its a social event where people can bring their friends and family to have a chat, a slice of cake and listen to their guest speakers who are always experts in the field of dementia. You can learn more here: Alzheimer Café, Donnybrook.


The Spare an Hour Campaign

We also run annual campaigns such as Spare an Hour. Every year, our office staff and temps democratically choose a cause they care about and the charity or cause with the most votes is chosen. Then we all can volunteer an hour (or more) to this cause. Three Q then matches this amount (last year Three Q donated double the raised amount). In 2018, we raised a new record – €5,6000 which went to Our Lady’s Hospice. This runs in September/October every year so we’re all very excited for our next Spare an Hour campaign. You can learn more about our 2018 campaign here – Spare an Hour Campaign 2018.  


Celebrate Nurses

And Celebrate Nurses which is a national positive recognition campaign for nurses that comes to a head in May on International Nurses Day.

It’s a great cause founded on the idea of giving the Irish public a channel to communicate and show their thanks and appreciation for nurses in Ireland. We show raise awareness for nurses in Ireland different ways every year and you can read about how we did it this year here: Celebrate Nurses – Thanking Ireland’s Nurses 


Caring about our Community and our Employees & Clients’ Causes

Three Q does a great job of instilling a feeling among the team that its important to make a difference in the areas you can make a difference in. Below are some of the pictures of my time supporting great causes with Three Q PERMS & TEMPS. I’ve really got satisfaction from my work with the company’s corporate social responsibility campaigns and partners.


Three Q’s Corporate Social Responsibility

If you want to learn more about our charity work, you can go to our CSR Page on our website where we go through our 3 pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and the causes we support. Three Q’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and Charity Partners




Aaron at Alzheimer Cafe Three Q

Clare and Aaron Three Q Employees Volunteering at Alzheimer Cafe



Aaron Celebrate Nurses


Spare an Hour 2018 Three Q

Celebrate Nurses – Thanking Ireland’s Nurses


Three Q has officially Celebrated Nurses with our campaign since 2012. Our approach has changed over the years but the mission has always been the same:


To show nurses how much we, the Irish public appreciate them for the important work they do every day.


History of Celebrate Nurses

Over the years, we have done a ton of different things to give the Irish people the opportunity to express their thanks to nurses in Ireland. Here are some of those:


  • We ran social media campaigns making #celebratenurses trend on Twitter on International Nurses Day.


  • We collaborated with local schools to allow children to show their appreciation through artworks and paintings of nurses & hospitals.


  • We went out to the streets of Dublin City Centre to ask the public to show their appreciation. We received videos, voice messages, photos and written messages of personal thanks.



Street Thank You Collage Celebrate Nurses



Why Do We Do It?


A ‘Thank You’ goes a long way. Showing some appreciation can make your day and who is more worthy of appreciation than nurses?



“Being told you’re appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting things you can hear”



The people of Ireland, are really grateful for our nurses and we help them by providing a channel of communication to our country’s nurses. 


Celebrate Nurses 2019


Every year, we collect messages of thanks on our dedicated website –

This year we received 58 messages of appreciation for the important work nurses do everyday. We make short e-books out of the messages we receive and they’re available on the Celebrate Nurses website where anyone can download and read them.


We also integrated a campaign partnership with a number of hospitals this year by creating ‘Celebration Partners’.  Celebration Partners are hospitals that joined us in our campaign during International Nurses Week May 5th – 12th.  We sent out pink Celebrate Nurses balloons and stickers to support their celebrations. We also sent out Celebrate Nurses journals to be left on hospital desks for patients, nurses and other workers to jot down their messages of thanks.  

Celebrate Nurses Celebration Partner Pack



We’d really appreciate it if you could celebrate nurses with us by leaving a message of thanks for nurses here at:


Three Q – Best Hospitality Recruitment Agency at NRF Recruitment Awards 2018

We are proud to announce Three Q PERMS & TEMPS won the award for Best Recruitment Agency in the Hospitality sector at the National Recruitment Federation’s Recruitment Industry Awards 2018.  It’s a great honour to have won this award and have our amazing team recognised for their brilliant work. Every member of our PERMS & TEMPS team works to provide the best service possible so it’s very rewarding to be credited as the Best Hospitality Recruiter in Ireland at the 2018 NRF Awards. We are thankful to the NRF and the judging panel for selecting Three Q for Best-In-Practice in Hospitality & Events.


NRF logo winner NEW 2018


Three Q is a small company but we perform at the highest standards in recruitment. Our clients, temp workers and candidates know that we are the quality choice. As the 2018 best recruitment agency in hospitality, our credibility in the industry and commitment to quality has been validated.


Engaging with New Business

Being recognised as the best recruiter in the hospitality sector makes Three Q more attractive to professionals looking for a recruitment agency to help them find their next job as well as to prospective clients seeking a recruitment agency for their hiring needs.


Three Q Employee Motivation & Loyalty

It really means a lot to our employees to get the recognition for their hard work. Having our work validated by experts in the field and branded as the best in the hospitality sector thrills and motivates our team to keep working to maintain Three Q as the Quality Recruitment Agency. 


NRF Awards 2018 Three Q Hospitality


There are a lot of benefits to your business when you win such a big award like this one. It’s the validation and affirmation of our work and values that please us the most. Our commitment to providing a quality service, our values as a company to put people first and to give back to our community is validated by this award. Not to forget, this award affirms our clients’ decision to choose Three Q for PERM & TEMP services. We’d like to thanks the National Recruitment Federation and their judging panel again for declaring Three Q as the award winners. We’re grateful for this prize and plan to maintain these high standards in 2019.


NRF Awards 2018 Winners


To see the total list of winners, go to NRF Recruitment Awards 2018.

To learn more about why we’re the quality recruiter you can read our Client Testimonials here & our  Candidate Testimonials here.