How To Have A Great Day

Great DayHow to Have a Great Day

In an instant, life can change.
An event, an insight, a word, can change our perception. This works both ways; for us, and against us.
We can be plummeted into misery, or we can be uplifted, exalted, inspired.We need to be aware of one thing, and that is that we influence which way we go.
What we intend, what we constantly think about, and how we think about it, tends to become.

Mindful Awareness

This is seeing how we think. The greatest achievements started somewhere as an idea in someone’s mind. So did the greatest man-made calamaties.

By being mindful of our thoughts, watching them, we can begin to direct them to what we wish to become, to achieve, to have.

Constant attention to a particular idea, or aspiration, or skill or craft, allows us insights and revelations that are not available to  the inattentive mind. That may seem obvious, but it’s an obvious that often hides in obscurity.

Proactive Thinking

Most of our thinking is reactionary. By deciding to think proactively about some thing that we wish to accomplish, we alter our thinking, our perceptions, and how we feel and behave towards that goal.
Active, purposeful thinking redirects our attention.

Our attention, applied to what we intend, drives our feelings, and thus, our behaviour.
So, how we act, what we decide, where we go, what we do, brings us to where we arrive.

This is how a Statement of Intent can influence our lives. It’s a declaration. When we articulate an idea into a statement, we crystallise it in our minds and direct our attention. With attention, our minds become clearer, more familiar with it. It starts to become an aim for us to pursue.

Life has meaning. It influences how we think, what we do, how we use ourselves in life. That creates direction.

And that’s what is generally known as a sense of purpose.
It goes for any pursuit, any circumstance, any life.

Have a Great Day and Do Well..




Written by David Hegarty of Dynamic Health.

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