How to Have A Better Work Life Balance

How to Have A Better Work Life Balance

One question that we could all do with asking ourselves is how to have a better work life balance. We can all struggling to find that balance in life between work and life from time to time. Do you often wonder how people find time between their jobs to do the things they like? If this sounds like you, Three Q Recruitment are here to help. We have 19 years of experience in the recruitment industry, so we know a thing or two about how to get the perfect balance between work and play.

Knowing how to have a better work life balance is an important skill to have. Research shows that employees show more interest in applying for positions where the employer values a work-life balance- so how do you keep it once you’ve got the job?  


For a happier, healthier working environment, being able to prioritise work-life balance helps to reduce stress and burning yourself out. Employers who value work-life balance offer flexibility within the hours and working days of their staff. They also encourage them to pursue activities including wellness, training and side projects.

how to have a better work life balance three q recruitment agency dublin

Advantages of a Work/Life Balance


For Employees:


  • Increased productivity
  • Absenteeism lower
  • Workplace less stressed and happier to work in
  • Employees health and well-being improved
  • Positive outlook on you as an employer
  • Employees more committed, motivated and loyal to company
  • Staff willing to remain in company resulting in less recruitment fees and staff turnover rates


For the business:

  • Be seen as a business staff are happy to work for, will help to attract high talents
  • Lower staff turnovers and reduce recruitment costs.
  • Boost the business successfulness
  • Able to meet customer demands, by changing to market conditions resulting in shift work for staff, flexitime allowing business to open longer with better hours to suit employees

how to have a better work life balance three q recruitment agency dublin

Your Job


You need to assess your job and ask yourself some questions about how you are living today. For example: How long do you spend commuting to and from work? Would a job nearer home be more suitable giving you time for you. How do you prioritize your work day? Do you leave time for yourself to catch a break?


Are you able to switch off and leave work at work? When you finish your work day you should be able to switch off, but are you organising what has left to be done? If this is the case, you probably need to take more time for yourself and learn how to have a better work life balance.


Where do you want to go in your career? Work out what you would like to achieve in your working career. You should put a realistic plan in place of when you wish to achieve these career goals. There is no point burning yourself out for a promotion that you’re not ready to handle yet.


Once you have a clearer outlook on how your work time is spent, and what time is required to help further your career it will become easier to spend time on doing things you like.


Learn to say No


Are you the one who is always ready to help out your work colleagues, always on time, say yes to overtime to help others reach deadline and work on projects? If you are always saying yes, then your time is being seen as been undervalued by colleagues instead of being appreciated for all the extra work you do. You must to learn to say no, you won’t grow your career by becoming a dumping ground. Be polite but assertive.


Manage your energy, not your time.


Learn your own personal energy cycles and use these to your advantage. Knowing when you tend to be more focused and productive, use this time to do important tasks needing to be done. And times when energy is low complete lower energy tasks such as administrative work.

how to have a better work life balance three q recruitment agency dublin

Join Social Groups


If you find it difficult to socialize due to work hours, look into social groups within your area for a list of meetup social groups such as a bowling league, football team, walking or running club. Having these social groups outside of work hours or business will allow you to make new friends and switch off from your work.


Switching off from work


Technology has it’s advantages but also it’s disadvantages, with living in a world where technology is available we are able to work remotely and are seen as ‘always on’. By being ‘always on’ you are never more than an email, call or text away. During work hours this can be handy quick access for gathering or passing on information, but when you switch off from work are you fully switched off? When you finish your work day make sure to sign out of work accounts and any messaging apps so that you aren’t being contacted out of work hours.


The only jobs that should constitute for any out of hours contact is if you work in a life saving profession. Setting boundaries within your work life will not stand in the way for promotions. Once you work to the best of your abilities during your work hours then there is no reason why you won’t get any promotions you go for.  


You don’t need to explain yourself or make up excuses for having a life outside of work hours. Once your outside work life isn’t affecting your performance in work then it’s not an issue.

By prioritizing your workload during work hours and your personal life after work will help you develop a work-life balance.