the best questions to ask your potential boss at an interview

The Best Questions To Ask Your Potential Boss At A Job Interview

Ever wondered what are the best questions to ask your potential boss at a job interview? Here at Three Q we’ve been helping Job Seekers to land their dream jobs and overcome interview stress for over 18 years, so we know a thing about interviews. Sometimes candidates can be great throughout the actual interview but get stumped when it comes to end and the interviewer ask if they have any questions. If you feel like this situation relates to you: you’re in luck. We’ve put together some sample questions to ask when it comes to it.

So what are employers looking for when they ask if you have questions? Unknown to many candidates, they’re assessing how interested you are in the job. Rather than you saying ‘No I think I understand the job’, try to ask genuine questions. The chances are that you’ve already been told about the ins and outs of the role, so you’ll need to think harder. To impress any potential employer at interview, try and ask credible questions about the company or position. Here are some good examples of possible questions to ask:

The best questions to ask your potential boss at a job interview

1. ‘How Will My Performance Be Measured In The Role?’

This is your opportunity to uncover the key performance indicators and relate them back to your experience. When the employer answers, you may find that it’s similar to a previous job, you can then relate it to an experience that you had in the past, showing your employer that you care about your performance and want to perform well on the job.

2. “What Are The Challenges That Would Face Someone In This Role, How Do You Think These Would Best Be Handled?”

This question acknowledges that you are prepared & expect to face challenges in a new role and are willing to find a way to best handle difficult situations.

3. “What Skills Or Competencies Do You Value Most For This Role?”

Once you get this answer you can reiterate your strengths in these areas. For example, if you are being interviewed about a hospitality role and the interviewer replies with something along the lines of ‘We are looking for someone who has managerial and interpersonal skills”, then you can then tell them about a situation where you displayed these skills in the workplace, in this case you could say “I think I definitely bring these skills to the job. I worked as a manager in a hotel bar before where I was working both with a team of staff and at the front of house dealing with customers who had any problems”.

4. Ask The Interviewer About What First Attracted Them To The Company And What Their Background Is.

Interviewers will often tend to talk about themselves and their experience in the workplace; it’s a topic they know well! This will help you build rapport and get a deeper understanding of them and the business.

5. “What Challenges Does The Business Face? What Makes The Company Different From Competitors?”

This demonstrates your ability to think strategically and commercially and see the bigger picture; you are looking beyond the role and showing real interest in the company. You can also say how you have the same ethos as the company: maybe they are eco friendly and you volunteer at a Tidy Towns cleanup once a week? It may seem small and irrelevant to you, but these small insights into your character will make you stand out from the crowd!

6. Finally, Do You Have Any Concerns About My Ability To Perform This Job?

Uncover any objections the employer may have and you can rectify these concerns before you leave. This one is important! It also shows that you are aware that no one is perfect and we all need work, but that you’re confident enough to address their concerns.

The biggest tip that we can give you is to remember only ask questions you can’t find answers to yourself! There’s no point asking a question just for the sake of it.


So there you go! Our best questions to ask your potential boss at a job interview. If you carefully think about questions to ask the interviewer it can really help to make you stand out and show how interested you are in the job. Asking questions could mean the difference between two similar candidates being seperated into the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ piles. Writing your C.V.? Check out our CV Checklist. If you’re looking for a new job take a look at our listings to check out all of the job posts that we update daily.