Create and Sustain a Healthy Work-Life Balance


Have you ever wondered how successful people sustain focus in an ever-demanding work life? Well, one suggestion is to apply a holistic approach to achieving excellence in work-life balance. This approach can begin by separating the two elements, work and personal life, and then integrate them together to work as an all-inclusive plan.

Create and Sustain a Healthy Work - Life Balance

Image by Ralf Kunze from Pixabay

Firstly, plan a schedule for the work part of life. Secondly, plan a schedule for the personal elements of life including family, friends, hobbies, etc. Review both schedules to identify if the plan is manageable and achievable. At times the plan may need to be flexible to adapt to unforeseen changes. Allow for this, particularly if it is a constructive change. Effective time-management and organisational skills are vital to help with achieving optimised results. Finding a job that we are passionate about and enjoy can also help with the process of being motivated. Other tips include:

  • – Eliminate work commitments to a minimum, after 6pm. Having a plan in place to commit to our personal life is equally important.
  • – Don’t put off today, what can be done today. Procrastination is our biggest enemy in completing a weekly plan. It can add to next weeks ‘to-do’ list and ultimately heighten stress levels.
  • – Focus on close personal interests, family, friends, hobbies, etc., and remain aware of how important these connections, with people and activities, are to sustain a healthy way of living.
  • – Create time for a ‘me-date’ each week. Plan time for a trip to the spa, shops, gym, etc. It is important to reconnect with self. To paraphrase the famous airline statement: ‘first you have to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of everyone and everything else’.
  • – Accept any support offered from close networks of family and friends. We all need someone who has our best interests at heart and who has got our back, especially when we need it the most. Also understanding the importance of an equal measure of give-and-take in any relationship is crucial to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • – Learn to say ‘no’ sometimes. This can be achieved by delegating tasks.
  • – Manage personal finances, so that they don’t consume our thoughts which might lead us to become unduly stressed. Set a budget in place for known bills and a contingency budget for unforeseen events can help the process.

At the end of each week, it is important to take time and reflect back on all achievements. Identify areas that can be improved to create and sustain a healthy balance.

Think ‘outside the box’; switch each weeks schedule up a little, to add more spice and variety. Become innovative in the process. Learn to work clever and become more productive in both career and personal life for a more optimised work-life balance. Have a little fun along the way, with the new plan, to achieve more productivity in life. Enjoy the increased free time that the new plan has achieved by doing things that you love.

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Hope: From a Seemingly Lifeless Situation to a Glorious Resurrection

Hope: From a Seemingly Lifeless Situation to a Glorious Resurrection

Hope: Have you ever bought a plant, forgot to water it for a couple of weeks, and thought it was dead only for it to come back to life again once watered? As if it was just waiting, taking a break from growing, to resurrect again in full bloom. The growth seemed to happen overnight, well maybe a couple of days. The point is the plant may have been neglected but when attention was again given to it, and the time was right, it got back into living again.


Well, sometimes it can be the same in our career life. It’s as if on the surface there seems to be no hope or development at all. We may witness a drought season that leaves us with a feeling of frustration, resulting in a lack of motivation. It can also lead us to question why our career has stagnated. Even though we are quietly doing the necessary ground work in our job; operations, achieving KPI’s etc., we may not have added ‘water’ in a while to the development of skills, the expression of interest or application for promotion, or looked at roles outside our firm for career progression.  

If life seems to be a bit tough at the moment and not providing the much needed breakthroughs, ‘stay the course’ and take some time for reflection and questioning.  The answer will come, at the right time, particularly if the right questions are being asked and there is a focus on growth and personal development. Recalling similar past experiences can challenge the feeling of stagnation. This is true when we acknowledge the growth in our career to-date, which can motivate us to know that we will again. Life changing moments can happen overnight and can reignite our motivation to push forward. A new opportunity may be on the way to reignite our hope, much sooner than we think. It’s at times like this that we need to invest in self-development, seek the right kinds of support and relearn the art of patience, while holding onto our precious dream.