Coronavirus: Health & Safety, PPE & Infection Prevention & Control Guidelines & Resources for Our Temps

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Health & Safety during COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Our Temps’ Health & Safety is our priority & in these changed times please take the time to read, digest and talk with us about the new H&S measures in the places you work due to COVID 19.

Each facility our Temps work in will have their own Health & Safety and Infection Prevention & Control measures. Please take the time to get familiar with these instructions. Review the COVID-19 information on your HR Locker Profile, read the information we have sent you via email, text & Whatsapp & please talk to us about any questions, queries or concerns you may have.


Personal Protective Equipment

If you work in a facility that requires wearing personal protective equipment, or you want to learn more about it and how to use it safely, the following information and video comes from the HSE website. Your work location is responsible for providing personal protective equipment to the personnel that require it. Our responsibility is communicate and share the HSE Health & Safety Guidelines with our Temps so all of us are educated in and have the resources available to us, to learn the Health & Safety and Infection Control measures put in place.

Personal protective equipment such as is valuable as an additional protection for patients and staff. It should only be used where it is likely to be beneficial as outlined in the HSE Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidance. It should not be used in other settings where it does not provide any benefit. The unnecessary use of PPE will deplete stocks and increases the risk that essential PPE will not be available to help protect you, your colleagues and patients when needed.

Video: How to Put On & Take Off Personal Protective Equipment – HSE


Resources for COVID-19 Health & Safety Information

Information for those working in healthcare facilities can be found on The Health Protection Surveillance Centre: Corona Virus: Guidance For Healthcare Workers

For all of our Temps working in the HSE, You can keep up to date with HSE guidelines here: HSE: Coronavirus (COVID

Dealing With Failure

Dealing With Failure

At some point in our lives we have all experienced a sense of failure. Failure on getting a call for that interview, securing a job that will provide a much needed income, exams, performance targets, diet and fitness goals etc. It can be extremely painful and take us a long time to recover. It can be like somebody whips off a really stuck plaster on a wound, which can hurt even more than the first wound.

We all know that there are many bumps in the road, mountains to climb and hurdles to overcome. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. We may even think; why me? We may look at our friends or neighbours and think they are so lucky, but remember ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. Nobody gets away scot-free!

So, is there a secret cure to recovery quickly after failure? There are many ways to handle the feeling better and seeking out approaches that work is a good start to help with moving on or re-frame an experience beyond calling it or ourselves a failure.  There are many approaches and as we are all different and recover at different paces finding one that fits is a process of self-discovery.  We all handle setbacks or failures differently. We must remember that we have survived many failures in the past, and rebounded from them, and we will deal with and recover from this one too. All that is needed is a little time to reflect and a chance to lick our wounds. Some tips to soothe the soul and restore our faith could include:

  • –  The key is to be gentle with ourselves.
  • –  Don’t take it personally. The incident/result did not pan out the way we thought it would.
  • –  Seek supportive networks to help heal the mental and emotional pain, to restore our spirit. Take any valuable insights during this phase to help in future endeavours.
  • –  If needed, get mad and release any frustrations – in a safe way. Workout the pain through physical exercise, such as walking, running, boxing, etc.
  • –  Accept the situation, and then move forward one step at a time.
  • –  Push outside the ‘safety-blanket’ in gradual steps at first, until life once again springs a step back in our walk to leap again.
  • –  Count the blessings that we currently behold, and be appreciative of them.
  • –  Acknowledge that there are plenty of other opportunities, when we are ready to get up and try again.

Sometimes our failures can teach us a lesson. (Though at the time we may just have wanted the results) They can also show us that maybe this opportunity just wasn’t for us. Although, it is only when we are much further down the road in life that we recognise this insight, and then we are thankful. Our personal failures can also be instrumental in helping others on their journey too. Sharing our story and experience, at a later date, with others who face a similar dilemma of failure can help them to overcome their hurdles and climb their mountains.

For more tips, click here.

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What Advice Would You Give to Your Teenage Self?

What Advice Would You Give to Your Teenage Self?

Trying to answer this question can be liberating and inspire some or many changes in our career and personal life. The advice that we would give to our teenage self is similar to advice that we would give to a good friend or colleague. This may be true if we find that they are struggling on their own journey to discover their true potential.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A well-known piece of advice that most authors, parents and colleagues might suggest would be to take more risks. What is there to lose? What is the worst thing that can possibly happen? Maybe that job interview won’t happen. Maybe performance levels in a recent interview were less than satisfactory. Maybe pride might have been dented somewhat. Maybe failure to secure a much needed income to support the family might happen. There are a lot of maybes. But sometimes, life may throw us an opportunity to succeed! Just maybe, that phone-call will happen for that job interview, or maybe the dream job might actually materialise.

Those who have dared to risk, or taken a leap out of their comfort zone can recount their success stories to that all important pivotal moment of risk. It may have changed their lives and careers. Look to the achievements of:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Mother Teresa
  • Richard Branson
  • Rosa Parks
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Mary Robinson
  • Mark Pollock
  • Father Peter McVerry


They dared to dream and go beyond the common self-limiting belief that they might fail. Self-belief probably played a major role in driving them toward fulfilling their destiny. Think about it, if they did not achieve what they set out to accomplish, then maybe we wouldn’t have the benefit of enjoying their victorious products and services. Their contribution to humanity radically changed many lives. There may even be an inspiring role-model in our life that we admire. Connect with them for inspiration, support and motivation. We all need the best support we can get when facing what we think is an insurmountable mountain.

It is only when we put ourselves out there, step out of our comfort zone, and explore new possibilities that we can then realise there can be so much more to life. Our happiness depends on it! So too does our career and personal life.

Get motivated. Never give up, keep going, and push through those negative self-limiting beliefs. Pose the question, ‘What if …?’ Ask colleagues what potential they see. Find life’s true purpose. There are plenty of opportunities waiting, if only we dare to dream and believe. Reach out today and grasp what is probably in the making to make life a great journey. Above all, have no regrets!

Three Q Temp Satisfaction Survey Results – Happy Temps are Quality Temps

Happy Temps are Quality Temps

Temp Satisfaction Survey

We ran a Survey with our Temps to get feedback about their experience with Three Q TEMPS. We want to know what our Temps like about Three Q, what we can improve and if we’re doing a good job. Three Q TEMPS has always had Quality at its focus and one of the main ways we identify where we can improve is through receiving feedback and making innovations and adaptations. 20 years of which brought us to where we are today – Providing The Gold Standard in Temping.


With feedback being an essential part of company growth, we want to formally check in with our Temps and ask them how we can improve as well as let us know what we’re doing right. We put people first because people make the business. And without our Temps, the Gold Standard in Temping wouldn’t be possible.


We believe that happy Temps are hard working Temps. Being good to our Team is not just a nice thing to do, we think its important for our business.


In the Infographic below, you can see some of the findings from our Survey:


Temp Satisfaction Survey Three Q