Have you heard of ECPD – job seekers free courses?

Have you heard of job seekers free courses?  At Three Q PERMS & TEMPS we offer free interview services to jobseekers as part of our company’s CSR. Due to this we are often contacted by other companies who also offer help or services to jobseekers. I would like to introduce you to Sean Griffin.

Sean Griffin is an entrepreneur based in Galway in the West of Ireland.  Sean graduated from the National University of Ireland in Galway, where he studied Commerce and graduated with an honours degree, specialising in Human Resource Management and Marketing.

In 2008 Sean founded ECPD www.ECPD.ie.  ECPD was to address the need for the provision of quality training through a flexible online delivery. The design, development and the delivery of online training for the Security Industry is what ECPD specialises in. ECPD also provides general courses which are relevant to all other industries. They offer three employability courses which has been of great assistance to current jobseekers.

job-seekers free courses

These three courses are:

o CV Preparation Course

o Interview Preparation Course

o Start Your Own Business Course

These three courses are completely free of charge and can be accessed by:

1. Registering with ecpd.ie

2. Choosing one of the above courses

3. Inputting the enrolment key – recruitment

Not only has Sean achieved all of the above but he has also worked with the Irish Defence Forces. He has provided guidance to retiring personnel on the training that they can avail of. This is done so that they can develop a second career within the Security Industry. This is facilitated through presentations given to Pre-retirement Courses held nationwide for the Defence Forces.

In 2016 Sean launched Security Upskill – www.securityupskill.com. The focus of this was on the provision of online training purely for the Security Industry worldwide. Security Upskill offers over 40 courses relating to the Security Industry and these range from beginner courses for individuals who want to break into the Security Industry or for existing employees within the Security Industry looking to enhance their current skills.

Sean’s aim and goal is to become the number one online training source for both jobseekers and the Security Industry globally.

We wish Sean the very best in his quest and we love to see how so many work together to get people back into employment.