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How To Fall In Love With Your Job Again.

How To Fall In Love With Your Job Again. Remember when you started working at your current job? Like in any new relationship, the beginning is always exciting. Every little interaction left you thinking about the next one. Even early Monday mornings were exciting, you just wanted to get stuck in. Unfortunately, for a lot […]

Reasons Why Nurses Should Blog

Blogging on the industry they love in a positive and thoughtful way, Nurses can become subject matter experts; where there are many ways a nurse can utilise social media to a healthcare advantage, such as promoting the profession through educating the public, or to promote their outside, health-related endeavours and interests. Having an individual blog […]

How To Have A Great Day

How to Have a Great Day… In an instant, life can change. An event, an insight, a word, can change our perception. This works both ways; for us, and against us. We can be plummeted into misery, or we can be uplifted, exalted, inspired.We need to be aware of one thing, and that is that […]

3 Tips To Help You Be Productive In 2018

TAKE CONTROL In today’s hectic and distracted world it can be hard to stay in control of your day and be productive. The constant stream of messages, alerts and requests often cause us to work re-actively. It can be frustrating. Most people make good plans and set clear goals but those plans can get side-lined […]

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