CV Writing When You Don’t Have Work Experience

CV Writing When You Don’t Have Work Experience


If you’re relatively new to working or have little relevant experience for the position you are applying for, you will have issues when writing up your CV. The problem you’ll have writing your CV is that you could accidentally expose and highlight the weaknesses in your CV. I’ll be talking about things you can do to show your strongest elements of your CV and decrease the exposure of your CV’s weak points which could be lack of relevant experience or lack of relevant education. Here are some steps you can take to create the best CV you can.


Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s crucial you know what you want to draw attention to and what you want to be less visible. Employers can overlook a hole in your CV if you have sold them on your strengths. With this in mind, figure out what your strengths are for the position you are applying for so that you can optimise for your best attributes whether it’s the transferable skills you learned in other industries or that you have a degree and completed online courses that will help you with the job you are applying for.


Arrangement of CV

You can change the order of areas in your CV to put more focus on your strengths. Why put work experience first if it’s a weak point? You certainly shouldn’t put it last but knowing that employers might disqualify your application after only reading your work experience, you should put some of your strongest qualities before it.



CV Content

The format style of your CV will decide how much attention each area of your application gets. If you’re low on relevant experience, you could limit your work experience area to a concise description of the transferable skills while also providing evidence of problems you faced, the actions you made and the outcomes of your actions. Keep the best elements of your work experience and remove irrelevant information to save space for the stronger areas of your CV. If your strength is the education and courses you’ve completed, you can assign more space to this area so that you can give more information on the content of those courses. This allows you to tell the employer why your education will ensure your success in the position you applied for.



It is generally true that your experience in the industry is the most important element of your CV for employers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to get the job without the required experience. And if you do have the experience, why not also compete against other applicants more effectively by showing your personality in your CV. Anyone can say they are hardworking, well organised with great communication skills, so you’ll need to show off your personality and character by displaying your awards, achievements or volunteer work.


Overall, it is likely that you will struggle somewhat trying to get a job without the required experience. You shouldn’t expect to get the job within a handful of job applications. Even with an optimised CV for your situation you will have to persevere to break into the industry and get that entry level dream job you desire!


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