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No matter what we’ve ever done at Three Q, we’ve always put our heart and soul into it. Sixteen years of hard graft, sleepless nights, early mornings, nervous pacing, jumps of happiness, proud back-claps, too much coffee (or even worse, too little coffee), plateaus, pits and peaks.From the mundane, to the very exceptional – we pour passion into every project we take on. For this reason, we only work with ideas and people that we believe in.

Passion is the force that drives success in business. It’s the hunger which drives us to beat every past performance, the motivation to set your alarm for 6am, the little voice that says “don’t give up on this.” Our passion for what we do sets us apart from every other recruitment agency in the business, and runs the lifeblood of self-belief throughout. Work with us and you’ll believe in us too.


Partnership is at the heart of our philosophy and culture, and underpins every aspect of our business activity and every interaction with our stakeholders and the communities we serve. Our culture is about making a difference to our clients, challenging convention and bringing new ideas & initiative forward. Our objective as a company is to work in partnership with our clients, aiming to become a core part of their team. We deliver value whilst improving how they deliver critical services to their end user customers. Our collaborative approach means we hire exceptional people and invest in their growth, turning them into Three Q stars of the future.

We are no ordinary company, and our people are no ordinary members of staff – they are the foundation upon which every aspect of our partnered culture and our industry-leading expertise is built and thrives. Their commitment to Three Q allows us to deliver on our commitment to our clients.


Businesses used to progress themselves. Nowadays, we are responsible for moving and growing our business in the direction we want it to go. Success compounds over time through experience, accomplishment and circumstance. Sometimes it’s vertical, lateral, sideways and backwards. Three Q was a Celtic Tiger baby who had to undergo a rigorous transformation in order to prevent stagnation and survive in a failing Irish economy. We learned to innovate, create, and most importantly sharpen our instincts in order to become one of the only recruitment agencies to attain success through the recession.

As a business, we have come to have a consummate vision of who we are as a business, and who we want. A large corporate entity with an immense marketing budget rolling out a conveyor belt of fast-tracked workers? That’s not us. We are a large, blended family of sales and business nerds who know all 81 temporary staff by name when they call in to our head offices for a coffee and a chat. We conduct extensive research into our clients business needs and we direct our candidates through the highest levels of training and vetting. Small but mighty. Through the quality of our processes and our desire to innovate, we ensure that the highest calibre of service is provided to both our candidates and our clients alike.


To some, profit is a dirty word. One could say however, that wealth and prosperity are measured in more ways than purely financial capital. For Three Q, we consider profit to be whatever is beneficial to ourselves, to our employees, our candidates, clients, stakeholders and the wider community. For our candidates, this means finding the job that allows them to shine professionally, for our clients, the seamless integration of talented staff and for us, the deep satisfaction of a job well done. As a business, we value the kind of prosperity that trickles downhill. That’s why we lend our staff to work at charity events, free promotion to charities, donate our wages and support those who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you come to work for us as an employee, you’ll even be asked for the name of your favourite charity so that we can look into making it our charity of the month – everyone should get to feel as though they are making a difference!

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