Nursing job opportunities in Dublin

Nursing job opportunities in Dublin are becoming more competitive.  Here at Three Q we help nurses to find their perfect career from our job listings compiled by our clients. Whether you’re looking for Permanent or Temp work, we’ll help you to get your ideal nursing job. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular nursing jobs that our clients are advertising with us. Read more

MRI Clinical Specialist Jobs North and South Dublin

MRI  Clinical Specialist jobs North and South Dublin available.  One of the many positions available through Three Q Recruitment this week is an “MRI Clinical Specialist”.   This is an exciting position.  It  offers the candidate the responsibility to lead, guide and train a team in the area of magnetic resonance imaging.  You will also manage service delivery on a day-to-day basis.  The MRI Clinical Specialist works in a multi-modality fast paced site and will gain exceptional experience from a clinical, governance and management perspective. Read more

Three Q | Managing and Protecting Your Personal Data

GDPR and you



Here at Three Q, we’ve been busy! Your privacy has always been paramount to us, however in line with new EU GDPR regulation, we have been updating our Data Protection and Privacy Policy. This is to ensure we give you the safest, most secure service possible. Like always, we are committed to providing you with a quality experience, whether we are helping you find your next head chef, or helping you find your dream job.  Keep reading to find out a little more on GDPR and what we’re doing here in the office to make sure we’re compliant!

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an update to the regulation in the EU law on data protection and privacy coming into effect on May 25th, 2018. GDPR aims to give you more control as a customer over your personal information. The new law places the responsibility on us, to collect, use and keep your data in the safest way possible.


What personal data do we collect?

The personal data we collect from you includes emails, phone numbers, addresses, names etc. and any other data we deem completely necessary to provide you with quality staff or job offers. We only keep what we need, and your information will only be retained for as long as we are working with you for recruitment and employment purposes.


What do we use your personal information for?

We use your personal data for variety of reasons for recruitment and employment services, from updating you on job vacancies and service improvements to presenting your CVs to hiring companies. Our six uses of your personal data are outlined below.

Administer the website                                                      Supply services that are purchased (clients only)

Personalize the website for applicants or clients            Send statements and invoices (clients only)

Enable access to and use of the website services         Send marketing communications.


Who is your data shared with?

Protecting your personal information has always been very important to us. We do not now, or never will, sell your data to third parties. If Three Q Perms & Temps discloses any personal information to its agents or sub-contractors for a necessary purpose, like passing your CV to the hiring company, it is always with your permission.


What rights do you have?

Under GDPR you have more rights than ever with regards to your personal information. These include the right to a copy of the personal information we hold, and the right to object to us having and processing your data. Should you choose this, it will  affect how we can help you. Either by decreasing job opportunities we can send you or stopping the provision of staff.


How do I find out more?

If you have any queries in relation to any of this check out our Privacy Policy. Should you require further assistance after that, please contact our HR Coordinator, James: or call us on 01 878 3335.

Nursing CV – Tips for writing a great Nursing CV.

nursing cv tips

Nursing CV – Tips for writing a great Nursing CV.

Your Nursing CV is a way for you to showcase yourself as a person and also what skills make you suitable for the position to which you are applying. Here are a few nursing CV tips for when you’re sitting down to update your CV:


1. Keep It Concise

Your CV is a short document describing your education, work history, etc., that you give an employer when you are applying for a job, or; a list of achievements. Your nursing CV should be concise and to-the-point. Let your nursing experience speak for itself.

2. Keep The Format Clean And Direct

Your CV style should reflect what the nursing profession has to offer: cleanliness, efficiency, and directive. Stay true to the practicality of the nursing vocation by using design elements that can be easily uploaded to various computers without losing the integrity of the document.

3. Don’t Avoid Using Nursing Terms

Nurse jargon isn’t going to lose you any points here, as your employer is also a member of the healthcare industry. Examples of nursing jargon: Administered, Coordinated, Examined, Monitored, Oversaw, Performed, Reported.

4. Use Your Desired Job Title On Your CV

If the nursing job you’re applying for has a specific title for the position, use this job title in your CV – use the title more than once if you can make room.

5. Avoid Certain Words

Words not to use in your CV: There are a dozen ways to articulate how self-motivated an individual you are, using the term “self-motivated” should not be one of them. Hard worker, quick learner, results-driven, self-motivated, think outside the box.

6. Back Up Your Statements

If you make a quantifiable statement about sales or patients or any aspect of your work as a nurse, back it up with real numbers.

7. Keep Your Experience Relevant

Your employment history should not mention the minimum-wage job you worked while in school – unless this job directly relates to the nursing job that you are currently applying for. Stay present and stay relevant.

8. Punctuation Matters

Punctuation matters for nurses. Your nursing CV is no different. Take the time to check it for typos, punctuation errors, formatting mistakes or grammatical errors.

9. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off

Don’t skimp on your honours, awards, recognitions or special assignments. If you’ve had great successes as a nurse, mention them in your CV. Simply having your nursing license isn’t impressive enough in a pool of nursing applicants. Set yourself apart by showcasing your distinctions from your peers.

10. Be Specific

When discussing experience, get specific. Tell your potential employers about the type of facilities you have worked for as well as bed numbers, analytics software experience, unit type, and caseload (patient to nurse ratio).

11. Don’t Leave Out Important Data

Certifications, licenses, degrees, and diplomas should be listed and include their expiration dates, identification numbers, state of origin, and certifying bodies. These are official documents that carry a great amount of weight towards the types of positions that are available to you, don’t leave out important data.

If you are looking for a career move, have a look at Our Latest Nursing Vacancies.

5 Tips To Make Your Job Hunt A Little Easier


job search job hunt

Here’s 5 tips to help you on your job hunt!

Looking for a new job can sometimes become so time consuming that it’s a job all on its own! But, if you plan your search correctly, you could be on your way to a great new career sooner than you think.


Look for hidden vacancies

Sometimes, companies don’t advertise their vacancies at all. They hire through word of mouth or head hunting. Identify companies that you would like to work for and apply to them directly. If they are not currently hiring for your role, then you may be kept in mind for when they are.


Get employers to come to you

Headhunting is not that uncommon anymore. With Linkedin and other online CV database websites, it’s easier than ever to put your profile in front of employers everywhere. Make sure you have your profiles up to date and relevant to the jobs you want to hear about. For more information on how to use Linkedin to find a job Click Here! 


Target the right companies

Do you want to be a big fish in a small pond or would you rather have the safety of a large organisation with job security and a clear career path? Knowing what you want allows you to narrow down your search and spend more time on applying for the jobs you really want.


Build a network

Networking is getting to know people who can help you develop your career prospects. Connect with college alumni on Linkedin, reach out to professionals who have a career path similar to the one you desire. Ask for advice or share some common interest. Go to job fairs and events and meet people in your industry. Start the conversation and get your name out there.


Reach out to a recruiter

As I said, sometimes job hunting can become a full-time job. So, why not reach out to someone who recruits for their full-time job? Once you identify what it is that you’re looking for and what your requirements are, recruiters will do the rest for you. Don’t let yourself get stressed out about job searching. Leave it to the professionals who are always happy to help!


If you are tired of searching and would like one of our recruiters to contact you then register your interest here.


Take a load off, you work hard enough!

How To Fall In Love With Your Job Again.

Love your job

How To Fall In Love With Your Job Again.

Remember when you started working at your current job?
Like in any new relationship, the beginning is always exciting. Every little interaction left you thinking about the next one. Even early Monday mornings were exciting, you just wanted to get stuck in.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, with time comes comfort and suddenly it’s a lot harder to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings.
You’re left thinking “ugh! Do I really have to go in?” You come up with a few excuses to stay home and none of them are sufficient.. So, you trail into work and hate it a little more every hour for the rest of the day.

Nobody should be unhappy in work, and in some cases, it’s just the fact that you’ve forgotten why you started.

So, it’s time to fall in love with your job again! Here’s how:

1. Take a break

Take some time to consider your options. Ask yourself questions like “What makes me unhappy?”, “What would make me happy?”, “Is it my job or my workplace?”
Use some of your holiday allowance or choose one weekend that you have no plans and just make a list of things you need to consider.

2. Be honest

Everything you vent to your friends over coffee you can put onto paper. Think them through and then talk to your manager about what you want.
Ask for more, or less responsibility, a new project. Whatever it is that you think will re-ignite that spark. Remember, your boss probably doesn’t know that you’re unhappy, so tell them.

3. Switch it up

Consider your surroundings. Your desk, your work space. Of course, this is important because it’s where you spend most of your time! Re decorate if you can or declutter and rearrange your surroundings. Add some plants to brighten the office a little, re paint if you have the option. Little things like this can really make all the difference to your mood.

4. Remember why you started

Reflect on what you want to get out of working at your job. Why did you pick that job to begin with? What was your plan and where are you with it?
Sometimes we get lost in ourselves. We forget that every action we take is part of a bigger picture. What’s your end goal?
Regroup with your thoughts, start your next phase in your plan and let today be the start again.


If you’ve followed these few tips and decided that a new career path or job is for you then contact us today and let’s begin that next step together!

Reasons Why Nurses Should Blog

nurses blog

Blogging on the industry they love in a positive and thoughtful way, Nurses can become subject matter experts; where there are many ways a nurse can utilise social media to a healthcare advantage, such as promoting the profession through educating the public, or to promote their outside, health-related endeavours and interests.

Having an individual blog and social media presence shows their dedication to the field, helps them stay on top of trends in the industry and looks great to employers.
On the other hand, increasing visibility through an online presence can help nurses get ahead in their career, which in some cases, could lead to a higher position and/or a raise.

Nursing is a very inspiring profession, so will be your blog, if you decide to speak your mind out. You save lives and you work hard everyday, and you never know who might be reading your blog one day. You might inspire an existing Nurse who needs a little motivation to continue with her day, because sometimes just knowing that someone else feels the way you do or has experienced the same thing can make you feel better. You might drive someone to want to become a Nurse with the genuine and sincere words that you write.

You could be sharing tips on how to cope with workplace stress, or help answering questions about advanced nursing degree programs… You will always be heard!

We would love to hear from you, it could be anything you want to talk about; an experience, a tip, a funny story, a thought, or an idea… Email us your words on our “sister brand” and will share it with all Nurses out there.

How To Have A Great Day

Great DayHow to Have a Great Day

In an instant, life can change.
An event, an insight, a word, can change our perception. This works both ways; for us, and against us.
We can be plummeted into misery, or we can be uplifted, exalted, inspired.We need to be aware of one thing, and that is that we influence which way we go.
What we intend, what we constantly think about, and how we think about it, tends to become.

Mindful Awareness

This is seeing how we think. The greatest achievements started somewhere as an idea in someone’s mind. So did the greatest man-made calamaties.

By being mindful of our thoughts, watching them, we can begin to direct them to what we wish to become, to achieve, to have.

Constant attention to a particular idea, or aspiration, or skill or craft, allows us insights and revelations that are not available to  the inattentive mind. That may seem obvious, but it’s an obvious that often hides in obscurity.

Proactive Thinking

Most of our thinking is reactionary. By deciding to think proactively about some thing that we wish to accomplish, we alter our thinking, our perceptions, and how we feel and behave towards that goal.
Active, purposeful thinking redirects our attention.

Our attention, applied to what we intend, drives our feelings, and thus, our behaviour.
So, how we act, what we decide, where we go, what we do, brings us to where we arrive.

This is how a Statement of Intent can influence our lives. It’s a declaration. When we articulate an idea into a statement, we crystallise it in our minds and direct our attention. With attention, our minds become clearer, more familiar with it. It starts to become an aim for us to pursue.

Life has meaning. It influences how we think, what we do, how we use ourselves in life. That creates direction.

And that’s what is generally known as a sense of purpose.
It goes for any pursuit, any circumstance, any life.

Have a Great Day and Do Well..




Written by David Hegarty of Dynamic Health.

Contact David on 087-2321128 to find out how you can get great results in your life or Email :


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